Client Details

It is the suitable platform for those who are using manual or spreadsheets or simple accounting software such as Tally to invoice their clients. This platform allows clients to set up multiple locations, and also allows to setup price based on location.

Tax Details

Taxes can be setup at individual product level or invoice group level.Taxes had managed at a location level. So the same product may have different taxes between locations.

Invoice Group

The platform allows to create various invoice group. Each product belongs to one invoice group. An invoice is created based on the invoice group. The invoice group can be associated with taxes. When a tax information is changed at an invoice group level, all products that belong to that invoice group will be automatically be taxed at a new tax level.

Product Details

Products are setup for each location with a completely different set of products. Also, price for the same product may have a different price between one or more locations. It also allows to setup price at a customer level, i.e., the same product may have a different price between one or more customers.

Customer Details

Customers can create their logins to check their activities such as to view their invoices, payments made by credit or debit card or net banking and the also platform has integrated with CC Avenue – a secured payment gateway.

Meeting Room

Meeting room is a calendar and scheduling component of IMS and is fully integrated with email and order system. It offers feature rich and responsive UI to create event and schedule meetings .Within a click of a Button one can know availability of various meetings rooms before proceeding with the booking.

Mobile App

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